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Hegira Health Patient Portal: MyCEHR

Other features may include: 

  • View upcoming appointments 

  • Update your contact information 

  • Download or email your health data to another provider​

  • Check on your lab results

  • Send messages to your healthcare provider

  • Fill out forms and sign documents

Community Electronic Health Records or CEHR

You will be able to securely view and print portions of your medical record at any time and from any device with an Internet connection, including:

  • Recent therapy/doctor visits

  • Medications

  • Immunizations

  • ​Vitals

  • Allergies 

  • Most Lab Results

Illustration of electronic health record

How to Sign-up for the Hegira Health Patient Portal: MyCEHR


  1. Ask your case manager, HHI provider, or customer care team member to generate a secure PIN for MyCEHR.

  2. You’ll be given a print-out with instructions to access MyCEHR, including your secure PIN and case number.

  3. Do NOT give your PIN to anyone you do not trust.

  4. If you lose these instructions, notify your case manager immediately.

  5. Go to the MyCEHR website:

  6. Create a new account by clicking the ‘Get Started’ Button

  7. Fill in all the required fields

    • Enter your client case number (An 8-digit number) into the Case Number field

    • Enter your individual PIN that is provided (ex HGH1HGH2) into the PIN field

  8. Click the ‘Create Account’ button

Note: Keep your User Name and Password to login to MyCEHR

Scan or click the QR code to go to the MyCEHR website:

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