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Parenting Training Services

What is a Parent Support Partner?

A parent with lived experience assists families with resources and support.

Hegira Health has counseling and treatment programs for pre-teens, teenagers, and young adults who are either at risk of substance use or struggling with a substance use disorder. If your child could benefit from these services, please contact Hegira Health's Pre-Admission Department at 734-793-5026 to sign up for early intervention or outpatient therapy.


Early intervention can make a difference. These services will be provided through telehealth until in-person services are available again. Hegira Health is here to help with any physical and/or mental health issues you may be experiencing, regardless of your ability to pay. If you have private or public insurance, no insurance, or limited coverage, please contact us for in-person or telehealth assistance.

Are you concerned your child may be experimenting with drugs and alcohol?

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